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                                   Heartfelt Therapy

                                                                                              "nurturing connections"

2016-03: "We are so thankful for Katy! Our son had a lot of anxiety, would not join any activities/bday parties/ anaphylaxis anxiety etc. He loved seeing Katy and his goal was to be able to start hockey with no fear/anxiety. He used the tools he learned from Katy to process how he was feeling and he no longer has the anxiety to try new things/meet new kids etc! It is quite amazing to see! He not only started hockey this year, but he is also receiving the most improved player award! So nice to see him shine and we have Katy to thank for helping him!"

Deanna & Adam Victoria, BC 

"I highly recommend the work of Katy Scoones and Equine Wellness. Here is a summary of my personal experience.

She warmly greeted me and invited me to take some time and just be with the surroundings, the beautiful landscape, fresh air, blue sky, and the horses.

Katy led the way and introduced Dakota to me. Right away I felt a surge of energy just being near such a beautiful strong animal. I was a little nervous and Katy gently and firmly assisted me to become present to such a large animal.

I soon realized that working with Dakota was like a metaphor for my life as my awareness of feeling overwhelmed came to the forefront.. I realized that I had to quiet my noisy mind if I were to be able to take leadership with Dakota. I was amazed at how quickly I began to experience my own strength in setting a boundary, holding a stance, and then learning my pattern of, when pushed, I begin to give in or second-guess myself. Dakota taught me to remain firm and to trust in my own strength.

I recall the most healing moment for me was when I stood beside Dakota and leaned onto him, resting, and being supported by his strength. Not only could I find strength within myself, I could also gain strength by “leaning on others”. Katy was always there to support me, and I left the session feeling grateful, embodied, and attuned with more of my inner strengths."

Kim O’Leary

“ The day I spent with Katy and the horses was life-changing. The workshop had a wonderful pace to it that created a safe container and space to be fully in my experience. My time in the ring with the horse was very powerful. An old and unhelpful response was triggered and Katy gently guided me in changing my experience. This was something I felt I could never do before. I left the ring with an internal resource I continuously draw upon in other times in my life when I am triggered. This went beyond talking about the change I needed to make. I got to actually experience the change and gained the confidence to practice it in all areas of my life. The use of art throughout the day really helped me to reflect on my experiences and helped to solidify the internal resources. The combination of art and horses was very effective and powerful!”


2022-02 - from a grateful Mom

You have supported both my daughter and us all through some very difficult times and your support has made a difference. You have been a constant for her when everything was falling apart in her world and when I was very scared for her safety. She has loved coming to the farm and in particular, working with the animals. She isn't always one to verbalize her feelings so being able to use art, play and animal therapy has allowed her to express her feelings and learn how to be calm in all these amazing non-verbal ways.  Thank doesn't seem enough but thank you. The girl I see now is more sure of herself, able to speak up for herself more, and can manage her body and emotions better.