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                                   Heartfelt Therapy

                                                                                              "nurturing connections"

"My daughter's experience working with Katy has been an entirely positive one. We had struggled with reaching out for help as my daughter was resistant to an official/clinical setting and we were hopeful that the EFW and art therapy would be less intimidating. At the outset my daughter was having difficulties with anxiety which was limiting her ability to enjoy school and activities; and she was struggling with self-esteem. Over the course of her sessions with Katy she has developed the ability to recognize within herself when anxiety is building and has developed the skills to cope with it. I see the positive result of the recognition/awareness of emotions and utilization of coping skills on a daily basis. I believe this will benefit her throughout her life. As her anxiety has lessened her self-esteem and self-confidence have increased tremendously.

This was totally the right fit for her. Katy is kind, compassionate and easy to talk to. The combination of art therapy and EFW allowed her to find ways of expression that worked for her and that allowed her to feel comfortable. My daughter has never hesitated in wanting to attend a session and rather has always looked forward to her sessions - even when dealing with more difficult and complicated feelings. She feels that sessions with Katy are a safe haven.

I truly feel that reaching out to Katy for my daughter was one of the best things I have done as a parent and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with a child struggling to cope."

From a Nanaimo Parent

“Our daughter has been suffering from anxiety issues since she was young, but it became very difficult for her after switching schools at age 9.

She was referred to a psychiatrist, and we also started work with a child psychologist. After a year, we did not see any real improvement in her symptoms, and we looked into starting other options, including art therapy. We fortunately found Katy.  

Her calm and interesting work gave our daughter a way to communicate and start on the path to self awareness, using art as a language. Instead of dreading a session, as our daughter had with her other therapies, she is always looking forward to coming to see Katy. We, as the parents, are relieved to see the positive changes, and understand that the skills she is learning now will help support her on her entire life journey”


Victoria, BC

“Katy has empowered me to identify and cultivate resources so that I can feel safe to embrace and experience all the aspects of living. She has an exceptional ability to facilitate holistic wellness by tapping into a deep passion for, and understanding of, her area of expertise. I always feel heard when Katy and I discuss things. Katy is a genuine, caring person who weaves her knowledge of Art Therapy into Aboriginal Focusing-

Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma, creating multiple layers of awareness and opportunity for growth.”

Lexi M-J, Ladysmith, BC

“We only know of Katie through the eyes of our daughter. For us, the growth and change we have seen in our daughter in the past 12 months has been something we cherish and

hope continues forever. Much of this change is in her spirit and her connection to the world around her. We contribute much of this change to the time she has spent with Katie. As parents we are concerned about putting all out eggs in one basket – and want a health care team approach to ensure that our daughter has access to everything she might need. Katie embraces this approach and we truly are impressed and grateful for her professionalism.”    Ben M, Ladysmith, BC