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Heartfelt Therapy

"nurturing connections"

Art Therapy 

At The Spotted Dog Studio you will discover an inviting and cozy atmosphere in which you can safely engage in Expressive Art activities. Through these activities you may discover new resources and strengths, awaken hope and connect to your true self. Art is non-verbal and therefore allows you to 'say what words cannot express'. Art Therapy is an evidenced based approach widely used in counselling and especially with children and youth, for whom words cannot always be found.  

During a Heartfelt Art Therapy session you will use a variety of materials to discover your own personal resources and strengths, reframe your circumstances, reconsider limiting beliefs and find new pathways through life's unexpected challenges. With a gentle guidance you will be encouraged to move towards healing old wounds, igniting hope, and to envision a brighter future.

At Heartfelt we see clients of all ages, but our focus is on children and youth. We strive to make the sessions fun and creative, using a variety of expressive therapy approaches including play therapy and sand tray.

Here is an informative article about child-art therapy. If you have any questions or for more information, please use the contact form or email us at [email protected]